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Stay-Cool Pop and Serve Microwave Popcorn Cooker

Microwave Hot Popcorn in Minutes!

Just add in kernels to fill the built-in measuring ring, pop on the lid and microwave perfect popcorn in an instant!
The silicone material stays cool to the touch and doubles as a convenient serving bowl.
When finished, collapse down flat for easy storage!

Easily create gourmet popcorn snacks: Pop the corn, add in seasonings and flavors such as; chocolate, caramel, cheeses, spices, snap on the lid and shake!

Microwave Safe. Dishwasher Safe. Non-Stick, Non-Burn, BPA Free material.

Silicone: Food Grade, Heat Resistant, Stay-Cool Silicone.

Plastic: Non-stick, Non-toxic, BPA Free. High quality, Microwave-safe, Dish Washer Safe.

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